The services of Tax Relief 4 America, Inc. are only as good as the information you provide and the effort you take in acting on our advisement. If the information you provide is not accurate, orif you can’t or won’t act on our professional advice, it will be impossible for us to give you proper and effective resolution.

That being said, we will only take on the cases that have the greatest possiblity of success. There are several ways to achieve Tax Resolution. Please call for more information. Tax reduction may occur within correct and complete tax return filings or amendments, penalty abatements, installment agreements (full pay or partial pay) offers in compromise, Currently-not-Collectable status approval, lien release or subordination, and other solutions. Tax Relief consideration is your right as a U.S. citizen.

If you run a business, you may also be subject to payroll and sales tax issues. These are serious, and to deal with them, we will need your assistance and diligence in working toward a resolution with the taxing authority. We will not be able to assist clients who do not act on our advisement or allow the agreements that we successfully arrange to default.

Tax evasion is a serious crime. We do not assist in tax evasion. You should be aware that any attempt to intentionally defeat the collection of U.S. and/or State government obligations can amount to a crime.

The Internal Revenue Services has very strict guidelines for reducing tax liabilities. Taxpayers must go through a process called an Offer in Compromise. The IRS looks very carefully at a taxpayer’s financial situation – – from their assets and liabilities, to their current budget and expenses – – and determines how much the taxpayer can truly afford to pay toward the tax liabilities.

The information and services given in this website do not constitute legal advice or opinion and are provided solely and exclusively for informational purposes. Tax Relief 4 America, Inc. makes no guarantee that you will be eligible for tax relief.