Business IRS Payment Plan

Are you a business owner who is finding it hard to pay all your taxes? Are you interested in finding a way to pay back your taxes without immediately going into debt? Tax Relief 4 America offers a way to help taxpayers ease the burden of taxes while still paying back what they owe. We can set up an IRS payment plan for you that spreads out payments over several months or even years, so you can pay back taxes in a way that is easiest for you. All business taxes can be included in the IRS installment agreement, and Tax Relief 4 America can help you apply for and set up the payment plan that works best for your needs. We have knowledgeable professionals ready to help you get tax relief. We work with clients throughout Santa Maria and the greater region, so let us know how we can best serve you. Find out more about the different payment plans offered by the IRS and how you can qualify for one.


What is an IRS installment agreement?


An IRS installment agreement allows business owners and individuals pay off the taxes they owe in smaller increments over a set period of time, rather than all at once. You still need to pay all taxes that you owe, plus any interest and penalties that accrue during the payment period. However, this helps you pay your taxes without it becoming too much of a burden. Using a payment plan also allows you to avoid having the IRS take any collection action against you. You also avoid defaulting on your payments, which could result in a tax lien on your property or a tax levy.

You can choose between two different payment plan types:

  1. Short-term payment plans, where you pay back the tax bill in 120 days or less. You don’t have to pay a set-up fee with this plan.
  2. Long-term payment plans that give you up to 72 months to pay the taxes you owe. You also have to pay a set-up fee with this plan.

Tax Relief 4 America can help you decide between the two plans.


How do I apply for a business IRS payment plan?


It is not difficult to apply for a payment plan and to set it up, and with assistance from Tax Relief 4 America, you can have it ready in no time at all.  In order to apply, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You already filed your tax returns
  • You don’t owe the IRS more than $50,000 for long-term plans or $100,000 for short-term plans
  • You can pay off what you owe within the 72-month period


What do I need to provide when I apply for the payment plan?


When applying to the IRS for your payment plan, you need to provide us specific information to ensure your application goes through:

  • Your name needs to be listed exactly as it appears on your most recent return
  • Your address must match your most recent filed return
  • Filing status
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number or individual tax ID number

Please select a due date and monthly payment amount you have in mind because you must pay off the entire tax within 72 months. At Tax Relief 4 America, we can help you decide the number of months and payment amount that will work best for your specific tax situation.

You also need to decide how you want to make your payments. You can send a check to the IRS every month, or you can use direct deposit. Direct deposit is preferred by the IRS and is easier for most people. However, mailing a check is sometimes the better choice.


Why is Tax Relief 4 America the best choice for business owners?


The professionals at Tax Relief 4 America work hard to provide our clients with the tax relief they need, whether they are an individual or business owner. Our team is knowledgeable about all aspects of tax laws, and we stay updated on all the rule changes, so we always have the most current information. We know everyone has different needs, so we tailor our work to your individual case. We can help you decide which payment plan makes the most sense for your situation, so you can feel confident that you can pay back your taxes on schedule without it becoming too much of a hardship.

If you are a taxpayer struggling to pay your business taxes and think that an IRS payment plan is right for you, let us know at Tax Relief 4 America.  Give us a call if you are in Santa Maria or the surrounding area to set up your free, no-obligation consultation.