First Time Tax Penalty Relief

Do you have trouble paying your taxes? Have you been given a penalty because you missed payments? If you are in this situation, you may feel like there is no hope. This is not the case. You may qualify for a first-time penalty abatement that can help ease your tax burden. At Tax Relief 4 America, we can help you determine whether this is right for you and assist you with filing your request to the IRS. Our Company keeps up with continuing education required by the government, so we are always up to date on all the rules and regulations regarding taxes.  We are happy to offer our services to anyone in Santa Maria and other nearby areas. Learn more about how a penalty abatement can make a difference in your tax situation.


What is an IRS first-time penalty abatement?


An IRS first-time penalty abatement is an option provided by the IRS that removes certain penalties a taxpayer has incurred from failing to pay taxes on time or filing a return. This type of relief is provided to taxpayers who generally follow the rules but have found themselves in a difficult financial situation. The abatement also removes any interest that has built up from the penalties. This is an excellent option that you may use if you find yourself struggling to pay your taxes and are incurring even more debt due to the penalties. There are certain tax return forms and other qualifications that you must meet before you are able to ask for first-time penalty abatement. The professionals at Tax Relief 4 America are available to answer any questions about this program and show you how you can qualify for the abatement.


How do you qualify for the tax penalty abatement?


To qualify for the tax penalty abatement, you need to have filed a specific type of return with the IRS. Not all returns qualify, so it is important to check your forms as the first step. Tax Relief 4 America can help you figure out whether your returns qualify for an abatement. Here is a list of forms that do qualify:

  1. Income tax returns
    1. Individual (form 1040 series)
    2. Estate and trusts (form 1041)
    3. Partnership income (form 1065)
    4. Corporation income (form 1120)
    5. S. Corporation (form 2220s)
  2. Employment tax returns
    1. Federal unemployment (form 940)
    2. Quarterly return (form 941)
    3. Annual return for agriculture (form 943)
    4. Annual federal (form 944)
    5. Withheld income tax (form 945)
  3. Excise tax returns
    1. Quarterly (form 720)
    2. Heavy highway vehicle use (form 2290)

If your form is not listed, you may qualify under a reasonable cause exemption. We can help you determine whether this applies to you. 

For individual taxpayers, the abatement is available if you received a penalty because of a failure to file or a failure to pay. For business and payroll taxpayers, the abatement is also available if you received a failure to deposit penalty.

You must also have a clean three-year penalty history with the IRS and you must have filed all of your required returns before you receive the abatement.

Why is Tax Relief 4 America the best choice for you?


At Tax Relief 4 America, we know that many people struggle with taxes for many different reasons. We treat each case individually and provide you with help and guidance without judgment, so we can get your penalty abatement filed correctly and on time. Our friendly customer service is always there for you whenever you need it, and we can answer any questions you have about the process. We don’t stop until we have thoroughly taken care of your case, so you can have the tax relief from the abatement that you deserve. Here are just a few of the benefits you receive from working with us:

  • Customized help that is always tailored to your own needs
  • Payment plan schedules you can follow
  • Protection from any criminal case while we work on your penalty abatement

If you are living in Santa Maria or the surrounding region and are struggling with paying your taxes, reach out to us at Tax Relief 4 America. Our professionals can file for an IRS first time abatement that can help ease your financial concerns. We offer a free consultation, so give us a call today to find out more about our services.